Building thriving startup ecosystems

As one of the most active VCs in the world, we aim to extend our global footprint beyond investing. Through our partnerships with corporates, investors, governments and foundations, we are committed to building interconnected startup ecosystems across the world.

We have run 50+ growth and accelerator programs supporting over 1,500 startups across 15 countries, and engaged with more than 100 corporates through programming, perks, and innovation partnerships.

Corporate Innovation

Startups hold the key to new technology and growth. Our expertise lies in being ahead of the curve to help our partners find and invest in the best.

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VC Unlocked

During our VC Unlocked training programs, investors learn the 500 playbook from our partners, screen live startup pitches, debate deals with their peers, and negotiate in hands-on workshops with 500 portfolio companies.

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Governments & Foundations

With the right combination of programs, people, and capital, 500 Startups can build a vibrant ecosystem for your region.

We help to elevate regional economies through customized accelerators, bootcamps and exchange programs, which in turn attract and retain talent, resources and drive innovation.

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